"The theme of your project is critical for our survival." - Professor David Suzuki

"An admirable and very amibitious project." - Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan

Organisational Structure

The Centre for Change is a public educational institution, which provides education as its main object. Its aim is the advancement of education. It is a non-profit community organisation seeking to educate, revitalise and inspire the community through a renaissance of thought, consciousness and values.

The Executive Team and the International Executive members make up the Executive Committee.

Executive Team

The executive team, which is part of the Executive Committee, is Melbourne based and acts as an advisory body in relation to the funding, planning and program activities of the company.

Dr Michael Ellis

Convenor and Co-founder
Medical Practitioner, Futurist, Peace Worker and Writer

Pastor Randall Denton Vice Chairman Global Conference Consultant Ordained Minister of Religion, Hypnotherapist, Student and Teacher of “A Course in Miracles” Pastoral Psychotherapist, Rebirther, Creator of ‘Randy Denton - Creates Awakening Events’, which assists the world in exploring the infinite possibilities available for the spiritual growth of humanity, Global Conference Consultant
Ms Jager Ellison Co-Founder Mind-Body Therapist, Bio-energetic Healer, Researcher, Writer
Ms Lesley Pocock Vice Chairman

Executive Director - Global Family Doctor Wonca Website.

Publisher of
Middle East Journal of Family Medicine
Asia Pacific Journal of Family Medicine
Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing
Middle East Journal of Business
Publisher and Managing Director
medi+WORLD International

Wonca is an unusual, yet convenient acronym comprising the first five initials of the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians. Wonca's short name is World Organization of Family Doctors

Prof Avni Sali Executive Member

Head of Graduate School of Integrative Medicine,
Swinburne University Professor of Surgery
World authority on surgery and international expert
On nutritional medicine and psychoneuroimmunology

Dr Pavel Kasyanov Vice Chairman President of the Russian Society for Ecological Economics (RSEE) Director of the Centre for Preparation and Implementation of International Projects on Technical Assistance (Moscow. He formerly headed a subdivision at Economic Department of Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.
George Besch Vice Chairman Environmentalist, Fullbright scholar, Film maker, Educationalist and Peace Maker
Ronald Ingalsbe Vice Chairman PhD(Metaphysics/Religion) M. Ed., Health Promotion
and Wellness Management, BA (Psych) 1995-Present
Ms Michiko
Kajikawa Marques
Executive Member Pharmacist, Buddhist Teacher
James Chen International IT Administrator Software Engineer, IT consultant. For detail information please visit Intelligent & Integrated Solutions.

International Advisory Board

This committee, like the Executive Team has a role of advising on content and speakers for the Conference programs as well as networking the program with international organizations. It does not meet for logistical reasons, but members maintain regular correspondence and phone contact.

The International Advisory Board includes the members of the Executive Team plus the following interstate and international representatives:

Sir Professor Mark Oliphant [deceased], patron and key support for this conference, is our respected Australian Father of Science and Founding Father of the Australian National University, who is a dedicated peace worker and a former Governor of South Australia.
Dr Deepak Chopra has written twenty-five books, which have been translated into thirty-five languages. He is also the author of more than one hundred audio and videotape series, including five critically acclaimed programs on public television. In 1999 Time magazine selected Dr Chopra as one of the Top 100 Icons and Heroes of the Century, describing him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine”. Dr Chopra currently serves as CEO and founder of The Chopra Centre for Well Being in La Jolla, California.
James Hurtak Director of Academy for Future Science, California holds doctorates in Linguistics, Social Psychology and Philosophy. He is former Professor of California State University and is a prolific writer.
Dr Keith Suter is Federal Vice President UN Assoc. of Australia, President of the Australian Club of Rome and International Authority on UN Disarmament and Peace Building.
Ms Julia Morton-Marr President, International Holistic Tourism Education Centre, Founder of School Peace Gardens, Canada
Dr Helen Caldicott internationally acclaimed Australian physician and anti-nuclear activist, co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility.
Dr Willis Harman (deceased), President, Institute of Noetic Sciences, California and Emeritus Professor, Engineering - Economic Systems, Stanford University.
Dr Desmond Berghofer educator, author and consultant on leadership and the creative management of change. From 1977-88 he was Assistant Deputy Minister of Advanced Education with the Government of Alberta. He has represented Canada internationally through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada and (UNESCO). He is Chairman of the International Foundation of Learning and Co-founder of the Institute for Ethical Leadership and President of Creative Learning International
Dr RoberT Muller COSTA RICA
Chancellor Emeritus, University for Peace Costa Rica and Former Assistant Secretary-General UN
Dr Kamran Mofid PhD BA MA course leader(at Plater College, Oxford teaching economics and theology, the economics of the common good, and an inter-faith perspective on globalisation. He has been a frequent speaker at major international conferences .In addition to many papers in various journals, he is the author of Development planning in Iran: From Monarchy to Islamic Republic (1987), The Economic Consequences of the Gulf war (1990) and Globalisation for the Common Good (2002).
He has organised and convened major international conferences, including: Japan and the UK economy, NAFTA and the EU, Japan and the Global Economy, Iran and the Emerging Global Order, Forgiveness and Reconciliation. He holds annual international conferences on Inter-faith Perspectives on Globalisation which is to be held in Dubai in 2004
Dr Russall De Souza Director, Continuing Care Psychiatry Program, Koonung Centreand Senior Research Fellow, Mental Health Research Institute, BoxHill, Vic., Australia. A world-first treatment for severe depression combining spirituality and psychiatry
Ms Marija Hampton With Manuel Aguilar ,they founded The Center for Responsible Change which has now become theTurtle Island Institute. USA
Dr Ian Brighthope President Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
Prof Marc Cohen Head of the Dept of Complementary Medicine, RMIT University
Sherrill Sellman Psychotherapist and lecturer
Bob Phelps Founder and Director of the Australian GeneEthics Network
Christine Hooper

Public Relations Consultan


The Centre has the support and endorsement of the following individuals and organizations.

Sir Mark Oliphant (deceased) Father of Australian Science past Governor of South Australia Past President Australian Conservation Foundation Founder, Patron, Honorary President Renaissance group.

Sir Ninian Stephen (Former Senior Patron to Centre for Change) Justice of the high court 1972
Governor General of Australia 1989-1992
Former Ambassador for the Environment

Sir Williams Keys (Former Senior Patron) National President RSL (10 years), National Secretary Military Cross - Korean War, Author 'Flowers in Winter'.




Dr Paul Blythe Chairman, Emissary Foundation International

Dr Ian Brighthope President of the Australian College Nutritional and
Environmental Medicine

Dr Colin Butler Founder DEEPA and BODHI, Tasmania

Dr Helen Caldicott Founder, President and President Emeritus
Physicians for Social Responsibility Founder Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament

Stella Cornellius UN Conflict resolution network

Paul Cox International Filmmaker

Michael Drapac Property Developer

Michael Field Former Premier of Tasmania

Dr Ian Gawler Director, living centre Australia
Co-director, Australian Cancer Patient's Foundation

Tony Gelne Former Executive Director
United Nations Association of Australia, Victoria

Dr Richard Hetzel Former Director, Whole Health Institute

Geoffrey Loftus Hills UNAA and Australian Club of Rome (Deceased)

Dr Bryan Rigby Governor General, TM Foundation Pacific and Australasia

Prof Allan Rodger Australian club of Rome
Professor of Architecture, Melbourne University

Vincent Selleck The Shekinah Foundation

Sid Spindler Australian democrats

Andrew Wood Publisher

Campaign for International Cooperation and Development, Australia

Institute for Cultural Affairs

Medical Association for Prevention of War, Australia



Doug Roche Chair of Millennium Council of Canada

Mr Maurice Strong Chairman of 1992 UN Rio Conference

Professor Helmut Burkhardt Convenor Education of World Order, Conference Toronto 1999


International Club of Rome

Prof. Ulrich Jurgen Heinz Heinz Spagyrik institute, Braunschweig

John-Richard Turner Founder of the whole self institute, Armsterdam and
Santa Fe.
Vice president of the international society for
Pre-natal Psychology and Medicine


Anuvrat Global Organisation A transnational Centre for Peace and Non Violence


Prof.M.Tavakel Dean, faculty of social sciences and economics,
Azzahra University, Tehran


Mr Ediz Hun internationally acclaimed movie actor and


Professor Salvino Busuttil director general, foundation for international studies university of Malta

Dr Tony Macelli Director, international environmental institute


Dr Abelardo Brenes director, seeking the true meaning of peace project
UN University, Costa Rica


Centre of the Common Future, Geneva
World Information Clearing Centre (WICC/NCWIS)


Paul Clarke Director, Mandate

Goerge Cox World Disarmament Campaign

Lord Ennals Former Minister of Health

Michael Exeter The Marquess of Exeter

Malcolm Harper United Nations Association

Brenda Marshall President, College of Psychic studies

Sir Yehudi Menuhin (Deceased) World Famous Violinist

Jan Nation Lusis Trust and World Good Will

Judge Emmanuel Oteng Former High Court Judge, Uganda

Prof. Harminder Singh Sikh Divine Fellowship

Sir George Trevelyan Founder, Wrekin Trust

Pierre Wijngaert Founder, Damien foundation

Findhorn Foundation



Dr Willis Harman (deceased) Found of the Institute of Noetic Studies, California

Hazel Henderson International economist, independent futurist

Dr Larry Krantz whole health institute international,

Vance G Martin The international wilderness leadership
Foundation, Colorado

Edgar Mitchell Astronaut, scientist-Apollo 14, 1971, LM Pilot,
Lunar landing-Moonwalk

Archarlyn Leonard Orr Raja Consciousness Village, California

Ven Ugvwiyuhi Clan Chief, Etowan Cherokee Nation

Dyhani Ywahoo Spiritual director, Sunray Meditation Society,

Takeshi Utsumi President, global university, New York


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